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Social Media

January 2011

Nielsen Media Research reports that Twitter, Facebook and Linked In showed a whopping YOY growth rate of more than 1,374%. Why are we taking note and what does that mean for you? Social Marketing provides immediate access to a vast audience in a cost-effective manner.

Leverage your knowledge to grow your business and gain market share. Leverage your knowledge to grow your business and gain market share. The conversation has begun, shouldn't you be a part of it?

As brand builders, we know that social marketing avenues like Twitter are great ways to flex your brand's muscle by connecting with customers and influencers, while bolstering your brand's reach. Each "tweet", post or up date ate can create new pathways of searchable information, increase SEO rankings and put the web's echo chambers to work for you.

Though the service was originally designed to give friends instant updates, these mediums have evolved into a valuable communication tool. Their reach is as wide as your own knowledge and imagination. When viewed as part of an overall marketing plan, integrating social media increases the range and depth of messaging.

One of the most enticing reasons to go social is that communications are sent directly to interested audiences, without spending additional advertising dollars. Curious how we have helped our clients integrate social media into their overall brand strategy? Give us a call. 734.213.5326

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