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The Spin Advertising Daily is Out

February 2012

Using Paper.li's content curation service, we are able to publish The Spin Advertising Daily based on topics we like and treat our readers to fresh news, daily. We believe that people are the ones qualified to curate the content that matters most. We also think that these same people can greatly help their own communities to find their way through this “massive content world” we live in.

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The Lookbook is here, the Lookbook is here!

May 2011

Lookbooks, taking catalog presentations to a whole new level. Lookbooks are becoming more prevalent as the best way to get your designs seen and appreciated and are becoming the primary web content of preference for this new media treatment that delivers high value experiences. Bigger is better.

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Spin Advertising launches new Website

March 2011

New look, same talent. Spin Advertising, a long-time presence in the Metro Detroit design community, announced the launch of the firm's new website. Tom and Adrienne Cormie have been a creative team since 2005 and have been jointly guiding and inspiring a diverse group of accomplished designers and programmers since the firm's inception.

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The Future of Communication is inQRedibly Exciting

February 2011

QR and Microsoft Tag codes are quite literally changing the face of static print advertising and mobile information delivery. To embed a code into your ad makes it come alive on your mobile device. A customer sees your ad, scans your code, and is immediately sent to a specific page, video, phone number, contact information, or even a locator map. Imagine the possibilities, imagine a new SPIN.

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Social Media

January 2011

Nielsen Media Research reports that Twitter, Facebook and Linked In showed a whopping YOY growth rate of more than 1,374%. Why are we taking note and what does that mean for you? Social Marketing provides immediate access to a vast audience in a cost-effective manner. Leverage your knowledge to grow your business and gain market share.

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Search Engine Optimization

December 2011

Do you want to be more successful online? A great web site will be a big factor in
that success, but it may not be the place to start. At Spin Advertising, we have a
team of highly skilled marketers, SEO/SEM pros, content creators, social media experts and client service professionals who will look at where you are online and where you want to go before we set a course to get there.

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